Radio Hosting UK Streaming Broadcasting Service - Start your own Internet Radio station !

At Discover we host Shoutcast Internet Radio servers based in the U.K. All Radio hosting is setup immediatly and comes with a full control panel and lots of superb features including live broadcast or Auto DJ to fully automate your Internet Radio station. Create the best listening experience and get on air within minutes in a few simple steps !


Broadcast Features included: 


1. Auto DJ System !

Our reliable and fast Internet Radio servers based in the U.K include the incredible and easy to use Auto DJ Radio automation system. Easily upload your music using FTP or a simple online upload tool. Schedule your playlists and tracks using a simple drop and drag system adding jingles and Station Intros, sweepers and DJ intros at your will. 

Reliable, efficient and speedy Servers !

We use fast, reliable and secure servers based in the U.K for hosting your Radio station. We monitor network latency and server loads 24/7 to ensure maximum reliability and uptime. Our technical support dept is always on call to respond to any critical issues. 

Get Listing in the UK Radio Directory

When joining our Radio hosting, broadcasting and streaming service your station will be included in our U.K Radio Directory which includes all of the top Radio stations in the U.K. 

Caring Customer Support

We won't rest until your station is running just the way you like it and will assist you in setting up your station every step of the way. 

Easy to Use Radio Control Panel

We operate the newest version (3) of Centova Cast Radio control panels which include many more incredible and simple tools and features for your Online Radio station.

Xtra Features

* The system provides Script/Code to enable widgets on your Radio station website and tune in stream URL's.  
* Station Page URL to interact, take requests, talk, comment and share with your regular listeners.
* In depth Listener stats and reports, See Listeners/countries on Google Maps.  
* GeoLock your Radio station to select countries.
* Email and Forum support.
* Affordable Monthly billing - start a Radio station from as little as £4.50 per month. 

A guide to creating a Radio station using Discover ! 

The popularity of online Radio is growing hugely with 1/3 of the UK’s adult population listening to and tuning into Radio using the internet. According to research from Radio industry body Rajar, the latest figures show that 17.4 million people have accessed the Radio online and this is steadlily on the rise. Internet Radio gives listeners a real choice of what they want to listen to according to their moods and preferences. No longer do they have to listen to the national FM station and hope to hear songs and content they like. They can tune into stations that are playing exactly what they feel like listening to. If they are in the mood for a retro slushy romantic trip down memory lane they could tune into the UK 1940's Radio station  or if they feel like a glamorous leg warming 80's pop experience they could try 

The Internet also allows people to listen to niche services and worldwide stations, which they may not be able to access on FM or Digital radio. Christel Lacaze, of Rajar, said increased access to faster and better broadband services was fueling the increased interest in online radio. She said: ‘People are online more and they have access to faster and better broadband. Listening to the radio online is easy and it can be done while surfing the web and doing other things.’ 

The success of online services like Tunein and the BBC’s iPlayer, which allows people to listen to Radio stations live or tune in to a specific programme at a later date, have also encouraged people online.



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